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Equipment (Pre-Feed Systems)

Sure Feed Hopper Lift

Ergonomic pre-feeder and vibratory hopper in one. Lifts up to 500 pounds of product with the push of a button. Open trough design is excellent for denesting tangling product. Rubber lining and micro-hop vibration ensure gentle product handling.


The Sure Feed Hopper Lift consists of a vibratory feeder mounted above counting, weighing or processing equipment on a stand that is designed to allow the feeder to drop back and down to an ergonomic load height. The operator uses a hand control to bring the feeder down to load position while the counter, scale or processor continues to run, resulting in zero down time for product re-fill. Once filled, the operator returns the hopper to feed height to resume product delivery.


The Hopper Lift is a storage hopper, vibratory feeder and ergonomic pre-feeder in one. It provides easy filling, gentle non-abrasive product handling, effective disentangling and uniform product flow. It is easily integrated to Batchmaster® Counters and Fast Automatic Weighers, as well as other counts, scales and processing equipment.


Standard Features and Specifications

5 cubic foot vibratory feeder trough, 500 pound product capacity, rubber-coated product surface, vertical product denesting guides, hand control switch, hydraulic drop and lift mechanism, to include stand.


31” wide x 56” deep

Power Requirements

120 VAC, 1 Phase, 60 Hz @ 10 Amps

Floor Level FVE Elevator

The FVE will denest, disentangle and meter product to a transfer vibrator that will deliver an even and metered flow of product to an elevator conveyor, packaging and/or processing equipment. They can be configured with a rubber lining or with stainless steel contact surfaces for food, pharmaceuticals or medical devices.

Available Sizes

2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40 and 80 cubic feed

Power Requirements

220 VAC, 3Phase, 60 Hz @ 10 Amps


  • Batchmaster® Pre-Feed System

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